Hello, my name is Trevor. I have recently completed a course of counselling at my local health clinic. A few years ago, I was involved in a serious accident and since then, I have struggled with my moods, I have had trouble sleeping and I have been feeling very depressed. I was very skeptical about counselling to begin with. I just didn't see how talking to someone would help when all of the drugs I had been given hadn't done a thing. However, I was surprised to find that opening up about my feelings with someone really improved my mental health and I am now feeling much better. I have since bcome interested in counselling so I decided to start this blog to encourage others to seek help.

Children Get Depression Too: What to Look Out For

25 July 2017
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In recent years, there's been a growing recognition of how common depression is, which has encouraged people to be aware of its signs both in themselves and in others around them. There's no doubt that this is an excellent change that has almost certainly saved lives and prevented people from suffering in silence. However, much of the focus when depression is discussed has been on adult sufferers. And, although it's more common among adults, children can be depressed as well. Read More …

Raising the Difficult Subject of Relationship Counselling

19 July 2017
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Counselling saves a lot of relationships around the world all the time, but the problem is getting started. If you've reached the conclusion that you and your partner need a little bit of help getting your relationship back on track, the most difficult part is suggesting it to them. While they might be thinking along the same lines as you, it's not normally possible to know for certain, which can lead to a lot of anxiety at the thought of discussing counselling. Read More …